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 P_NNNNN (HR: Master Data: Customer-Specific Authorization Object)


Authorization object that does not yet exist in the system and that is created by you.


If you have requirements that cannot be met using the P_ORGIN and P_ORGXX authorization objects (for example, because you want to build your authorization checks on additional fields of the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) that are customer-specific), you can include an authorization object in the authorization checks yourself.


A customer-specific authorization object must contain the following fields:

Authorization Field

Long Text






Authorization Level

You can use any of the fields in the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) or in the PA0001 structure. You can also use customer-specific additional fields as long as they are CHAR or NUMC type fields.

In addition, you can use the following fields:

  • TCD : This field is always filled with the current transaction code ( SY-TCODE ). Note that when you use this authorization object in reports, the TCD field is filled with the name of the transaction that calls up the report and not with the report name.

  • INFSU : This field is 8 characters long. The first 4 characters contain the infotype, the last 4 characters the subtype.

Note Note

The system determines the period of responsibility for this object analogously to the P_ORGIN and P_ORGXX objects.

For more information, see Example of Period Determination Using P_ORGIN .

End of the note.

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