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 Distribution of Worklist Items to Collection Specialists


With this function you can automatically distribute the worklist items of a collection group to the relevant collection specialists. This is necessary for business partners where you have not defined a collection specialist responsible in the master data.


If you have already entered the collection specialist responsible in the master data of a business partner, the system assigns the items to this specialist when creating the worklist. The items already assigned are not part of this function.


You have created the worklist for which you want to carry out distribution.


You can influence the distribution of worklist items to collection specialists as follows:

  • Selection of collection groups

    The items are distributed only to collection specialists from the collection groups selected.

  • Selection of program runs

    The system distributes only entries that are included in the worklists created by the program runs selected.

You can also start the distribution with parallel processing and thereby optimize the efficiency of the data processing. Specify which application server or server group you want to use and the number of background jobs that you want to use to split the processing.

Note Note

Before you create the worklists, make sure that the application servers involved provide the specified number of background jobs.

End of the note.

If you distribute the worklist items to collection specialists using parallel processing, the background jobs together form one parallel run. For more information, see Monitor for Parallel Program Runs .


To perform the function, enter transaction UDM_PRDIST .