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 Multiple Specifications in Results Recording


When you process an inspection lot with multiple specifications during results recording, the system displays information about the multiple specifications in different views. When you record and close inspection results for the characteristics, the system valuates the results in the usual way on the basis of the standard specifications. In addition, the system also automatically valuates the inspection results for each characteristic on the basis of the multiple specifications. In doing so, the system applies the same valuation rules it uses when it valuates the results on the basis of the standard specifications. The results of these valuations are then displayed in results recording with the help of icons. This allows you to determine whether or not the inspection results for the individual characteristics fulfill the requirements of the multiple specification objects (for example, pharmacopoeia, country, customer, and so on).


The valuation of inspection results on the basis of multiple specifications can only occur for the following valuation modes:

  • Mean value within tolerance range

  • Attributive inspection for nonconforming units (only for inspection characteristics with single values)


You can display the multiple specification data and valuate it at the characteristic level in the following results recording transactions:

  • Record inspection results for operation

  • Worklist for results recording

  • Record inspection results for inspection point

  • Record inspection results for sample

Displaying Multiple Specification Objects

In results recording, you can display the multiple specification objects in the following views:

  • All objects for an operation, and if necessary, all objects for the inspection point or the sample in an inspection lot

  • All inspection characteristics for an object (that is, all characteristics for which object-specific specifications have been stored)

  • All objects for an inspection characteristic

In results recording, choose the Multiple Specifications tab page. All objects for the selected characteristic are displayed. By choosing the Change Hierarchy Display pushbutton, you can switch between the different views

Note Note

In the process-optimized results recording function, the system only displays the overall valuation for the master inspection characteristic. However, you can branch to the normal results recording function (Record inspection results for operation). There you can call up the various views for multiple specifications and valuations.

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Valuation Based on Multiple Specifications

The valuation of inspection results based on multiple specifications occurs:

  • According to the same rules as the valuation for the characteristic results

  • In the background (even with a manual characteristic valuation of the standard inspection specifications)

If the system cannot automatically valuate the multiple specifications, you can valuate the multiple specifications manually using icons in the multiple specification view. The log for the characteristic displays information explaining why the system could not valuate the multiple specifications automatically. If you close a characteristic forcibly, the system automatically sets the valuations of the multiple specifications for the characteristic to valuation error and you have to valuate them manually.

Status of Valuations

The valuation statuses of multiple specifications for characteristics that have already been closed are displayed as follows:




All multiple specifications for characteristic are fulfilled.


At least one multiple specification for a characteristic is not fulfilled.


No multiple specification for a characteristic is fulfilled.


A valuation could not be performed.


No valuation has been performed yet.

Note Note

Unplanned characteristics are not supported by the multiple specifications function.

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