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 P_ORGINCON (HR: Master Data with Context)


Authorization objectthat is used during the authorization check for HR data. This check takes place when HR infotypes are edited or read.


You can map user-specific contexts in HR Master Data using P_ORGINCON.

In the standard system, the check of this object is not active. You can use the AUTSW INCON authorization main switch to control the use of P_ORGXXCON.


The P_ORGINCON authorization object consists of the same fields as P_ORGIN and also contains the PROFL field:

Authorization Field

Long Text






Authorization Level


Personnel Area


Employee Group


Employee Subgroup


Organizational Key


Authorization Profile

More Information About the Fields
  • The AUTHC field contains the access mode for the authorization (for example, R = Read). See AUTHC (Authorization Level) for a detailed description of the different authorization levels possible ( M , R , S , E , D , W , * ).

  • The VDSK1 (Organizational Key) field enables you to run diverse authorization checks by organizational assignment (using theP_ORGINCON authorization object). The content of the organizational key is either derived by the system from the fields of the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) or entered manually by the user.

  • The PERSA , PERSG , PERSK, and VDSK1 fields are filled from the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001). Since this infotype has time-dependent specifications, an authorization may only exist for certain time intervals depending on the user’s authorization.

    Note Note

    The time dependency of infotypes is stored in table T582A ( Infotypes – Customer-Specific Settings ) in the VALDT field.

    All the time intervals for which a user has P_ORGINCON authorizations constitute a user’s period of responsibility.

    End of the note.
  • The PROFL field is used to determine which structural profiles the user is authorized to access. Note that you can only enter structural profiles that are assigned to the user in table T77UA ( User Authorizations = Assignment of Profile to User ) in this field.

    Note Note

    If you use the HRBAS00_GET_PROFL (BAdI: Define Assigned Structural Profiles) Business Add-In (BAdI), you do not have to maintain the entries in table T77UA. This BAdI enables you to implement an alternative determination of structural profiles.

    End of the note.

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