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 Inspection Lot


Request to a plant to inspect a specific quantity of material or one or more pieces of equipment or functional locations.

An inspection lot is documented by an inspection lot record in the SAP system.


The system uses the inspection lot to record, process, and manage information for a quality inspection. This information includes:

  • Inspection processing data such as:

    • Inspection lot origin

    • Inspection date

    • Processing status of inspection lot

    • Account assignment information for cost settlement

  • Inspection specifications (for example, the task list or material specification according to which the goods in the inspection lot will be inspected)

    Note Note

    You can also manage multiple specifications in the inspection specifications. These multiple specifications can then be used when performing an inspection to determine the suitability of a batch.

    End of the note.
  • Inspection results

    • Recorded characteristic values

    • Recorded defects

  • Appraisal costs (for example, the costs incurred for inspecting the goods)

  • Usage decision (a decision that specifies whether the goods in the inspection have been accepted or rejected)

An inspection lot can be created manually by the user or automatically by the system.


Inspection lots can be created automatically by events triggered in other components of the logistics supply chain. For example:

  • Goods movements or stock postings in the Materials Management (MM) component (for example, goods receipt, goods issue, or a stock transfer)

  • Creation of production orders or process orders in the Production Planning and Control (PP) or Production Planning for Process Industries (PP-PI) components

  • Creation of deliveries in the Sales and Distribution (SD) component

  • Creation and release of maintenance orders in the Plant Maintenance (PM) component

  • Deadline monitoring of batch materials; for example, when the dates for recurring inspections or shelf life expiration are reached ( Batch Management ( LO-BM) component)

Inspection lots can also be triggered by an external system, such as SAP’s Quality Inspection Engine (CA-QIE) .