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 Sending of Messages Using the Internet and SAPoffice®


When processing notifications and orders, you can send messages to one or more partners not only using paging, but also as:

  • E-mail over the Internet

  • Mail using SAPoffice®


The prerequisites are the same as those for sending short messages using paging . However, note the following differences:

Depending on partner type, the following data must be entered in the address or user master record under Further communication :

  • Paging


  • E-mails over the Internet


  • Mails using SAPoffice®


You must also define the sub-types for the pager services, which are available to the partner, in each address or user master record and select one as the standard service.

When sending messages, the system proposes this standard service automatically. If you use several different sub-types, the selection sequence is as follows:

  • If sub-type PAG exists

Paging is always proposed

  • If sub-type INT exists, but not sub-type PAG

The Internet is proposed

  • If sub-type RML exists, but neither PAG nor INT

SAPoffice® is proposed