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 P_TCODE (HR: Transaction Code)


Authorization object that is used to check whether a user is authorized to start the different HR transactions. The transaction code is checked.


The P_TCODE authorization object is not used in all HR transactions. We distinguish between:

  • HR transactions with natural (own) authorization objects, such as persons (employees, applicants), statements, or similar.

In transactions of this type, these natural authorization objects ( HR: Master Data, HR: Applicants, and HR: Statements ) are used for the check. When a user starts a transaction, the system uses the same object to check minimum authorizations. For example, a user must have at least a read authorization to be able to edit employee data, that is R in the Authorization Level field of the HR: Master Data object.

  • HR transactions without natural authorization objects, such as processing system settings (cycles, features) and personnel control records, and so on.

In transactions of this type, differentiated authorization checks do not take place: The system only checks whether or not the user is authorized to start the transaction. These HR transactions are protected by the HR: Transaction Codes check object. You can find a list of these transactions as follows:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step ABAP Workbench Next navigation step Development Next navigation step Other Tools Next navigation step Transactions End of the navigation path .

  2. Then choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Find End of the navigation path and finally Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step All Selections End of the navigation path .

  3. Enter P* as the transaction code in the Transaction field.

  4. Enter the authorization object P_TCODE in the Test Object field.

  5. Choose Start of the navigation path Program Next navigation step Execute End of the navigation path .


The P_TCODE authorization object contains the following field, which is tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


Transaction Code


You can also use authorizations for the S_TCODE authorization object ( Check Transaction Code at Start of Transaction ) to protect the HR transactions. In this context, note that the P_TCODE authorization object was implemented before the S_TCODE authorization object. The P_TCODE authorization object was maintained as an additional protection measure given the increased need for the protection of person-related data.