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  Data Extract Configuration


To allow users to extract data with DART you must specify:

  • The data sources from which a user can extract data (the type of documents that can be extracted)

  • The arrangement of the resulting physical data extract files in directories

You may specify additional parameters for the extracted files, such as their maximum file size.

Process Flow

Data extract configuration is divided into several screens. The following table summarizes the configuration tasks that you need to perform, and describes which screen to use.


Data Extract Configuration Screen/Tool

Define which data can be extracted with DART .

Data extraction tab: Transaction dataMaster dataOther data

Specify the maximum size of any physical file created to hold data extracts.

This may depend on your operating system or on your hardware. This task is optional, as you may elect to use the default file size.

Data extraction tab: Technical settings tab

You may define other global parameters of the extract data files, such as whether they can be compressed or not.

Data extraction tab: Technical settings tab

Estimate the size of data extracts performed on your application server.

Determine what is the largest data extract that may be created on your server. Also estimate run times and memory requirements.

File size worksheet utility

Define the physical arrangement of extract files in directories.

Given the maximum size of any single data extract file and the estimates for the total size of data extracts on your application server, determine how many data files you need to accommodate.

Define directory sets to hold any potential data file created for a data extract. In a directory set, you define directory location for every data file volume (physical file) created by the extract.

You may define one or more directory sets. Define at least one directory set to hold the largest amount of data.

For more details on how to plan the physical arrangement of the extract files, see the topic File Directories Configuration . For more details on how to use directory sets to define the location of data file volumes , see these two topics.

File directories tab

Define how the full path names of data extract files are constructed on each of the operating systems of the various application servers.

File path syntax tab

Accessing the File Configuration Screens
  1. From the main DART menu choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Data extracts. End of the navigation path .The Display settings for data extraction screen appears first in display mode.

  2. Choose Display/Change to place the screen in change mode.

  3. Enter data into the Data extraction tab , specifying the data the user can select for extraction , or other global parameters of the extract file .

  4. Specify the physical arrangement of the extract files by defining directory sets and file path assignment. You do so through the following two screens, which are available from the Change settings for data extraction screen:

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    File directories (for defining directory sets )

    File directories

    File path syntax

    File path syntax