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 Detach/Replace Header Notification of Order


A notification is assigned as a so-called header notification on the header data tab page in the order. This header notification is to be:

  • Replaced by another header notification

  • Detached from the order, that is, you want to delete the notification property "Header Notification" from the order completely


You can only detach a header notification if "Show notification data in order" is not set in Customizing. If this is set, you can only replace a header notification with another header notification.

You make the setting for displaying the notification data in the order in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Define Notification and Order Integration.


You can change the header notification of an order in order processing (IW32):



Replace header notification

  1. Call up the Objects tab page.

  1. Select the notification, and choose Define header notification .

The system defines the selected notification as the new header notification for the order.

Detach header notification

  1. Call up the Header Data tab page.

  1. Choose Detach connection .

The system detaches the header notification. The notification can still be found in the object list.