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 S_TMS_ACT (TemSe: Actions on TemSe Objects)


Authorization Object that is used to determine who is authorized to perform which operations on which TemSe Objects (objects with tem porary se quential data).


Authorizations using S_TMS_ACT only control direct access. TemSe files are protected from applications that access their data indirectly, such as the spooler or background request management, by their own authorization checks.


The S_TMS_ACT authorization object contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


TemSe: Action ID for Authorizations


TemSe: Owner Group for Authorizations


TemSe: Generic Object Name for Authorizations

More Information About the Fields

  • The STMSACTION field is used to define the permitted operations. The following values are possible:

CRE: Create TemSe object

REA: Read TemSe object

DEL: Delete TemSe object

APP: Append TemSe object

MOD: Modify TemSe object This currently applies only to attributes as the data of the TemSe objects cannot be changed in the current version.

  • The STMSOWNER field is used to define the objects for which a user has authorization. The following values are possible:

OWN: Own TemSe objects

GRP: External TemSe objects in own client

OCL: TemSe objects in external clients

  • The STMSOBJECT field is used to specify the names of the TemSe objects that are to be tested during the authorization check.

Note Note

TemSe objects have names. The name is specified partly generically (that is with a ( * ) at the end).

TemSe objects can have any names. However, naming conventions are used, which are defined in the TST07 table ( Naming Conventions for TemSe Objects ). The spooler, for example, currently uses SPOOLnnnnn, where nnnnn is the spool request number.

End of the note.