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 Planning Material Using a Description


You plan material using its description if:

  • The material does not have a material master record, for example, drawings or operating instructions

  • You do not use the Materials Management (MM) application component


  1. Call up the order in change mode, and choose the operation overview.

  2. Select the operations, for which you want to plan material, and call up the component overview. To do this, you have the following options:

    • To display the material components for all order operations, call up the Component overview.

    • To display the material components for a particular operation, select the required operation and then call up the Component overview.

  3. Enter Text item as the item category. Enter the desired description, together with any further information needed for the operation in the list.

  4. If you are on the overview screen for the material components of all the operations, you must also enter the operation for which each material is being planned. However, if there is only one operation in this order, the material is automatically assigned to this operation.

  5. Save the order.