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 Settlement Rule


Defines what proportion of the costs on a sender should be settled to which receiver(s). For this, one or more distribution rules are assigned to each settlement sender.


You have to enter the correct settlement rule into the system, to ensure that the costs incurred in the execution of the maintenance work can be settled correctly.

Note Note

The system does not create a separate settlement rule for objects contained in the object list of an order. If you want to identify the costs individually for each object, you have to create a separate maintenance order for each object.

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If you want to settle sub-orders differently to the superior main orders, you can calculate the settlement rule for these sub-orders accordingly in Customizing by choosing Plant Maintenance Maintenance and Service Processing Maintenance and Service Orders Functions and Settings for Order Types Define Settlement Rule, Time and Distribution Rule . The account assignment proposal, which was created for the main order in the settlement profile, is then overridden.

For each order type, the system proposes a particular account assignment, which has been defined for this order type in your company. If the receiver is specified in the location and account assignment data, the system automatically creates a settlement rule for the order, containing a distribution rule of 100 percent to the respective receiver.

Different settlement receivers are available for settling an order.

The system administration uses the Customizing functions to define at which of the following stages the settlement rule must have been specified:

  • When the order is released

  • Only when the order is completed


The settlement rule comprises:

  • Distribution rules

  • Settlement parameters for a sender object

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