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 Monitor for Parallel Program Runs


You can use this function to monitor and manage the following programs that can be processed in parallel jobs:

Create Worklist

Distribute Items to Collection Specialists

Assign Profiles


With this function, you can display parallel runs of a selected program. The processing status is displayed for each run. A run consists of individual packages. By choosing Display Run , you can display the related packages with their respective processing status and details of possible errors during data processing. You can display these errors in details by selecting the related log.

You can perform the following functions for a run:

Stop: You can stop a parallel run.

Restart: If a run terminated or was stopped, you can restart it.

Release: When you release a stopped run for the Create Worklist program, the changes up to the point of termination are activated.

Delete: You can delete the monitor data for a run.

If you delete a run for the Create Worklist program, the worklists created are also deleted.

If you use the integration with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence , deleting a worklist from the Monitor for Parallel Program Runs has the effect that the corresponding data in the BI system is deleted.

For additional information on the prerequisites for integration with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence , see the documentation for the individual BI objects.


To run the function, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose AccountingFinancial Supply Chain ManagementCollections ManagementPeriodic ProcessingMonitor for Parallel Runs