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 Personnel Planning


For personnel planning, you can assign different organizational units from the personnel system in HR to the operations in an order. For example, if you need a qualified technician for a particular operation, you can specify the required technical skills (welding qualification) or the abilities contained in a requirements profile (knowledge of certain computer systems).


You can also assign individual people to the operation by using the Capacity Leveling function to split the operation and assign personnel numbers to the splits.

For more information, see Capacity Requirements Planning .

You can assign a work center, which corresponds to a work center in the HR system, to an operation.


To plan your personnel, call up the operation detail screen for an operation. You can then make the following entries:

  • Requirements profile

  • Qualification

  • Job

  • Position

You can also enter user-specific data for the operation, for example, to display process flows. To do this, choose the Enhancement tab page from the operation detail screen (internal or external processing).