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 2.2 Changing a Form


In this lesson you enhance the form for the Relocation process in the Form Builder with additional fields that enable the superior to request a relocation benefit for the employee.

Use the following template as a guide:


  1. Perform the Create ISR Scenario IMG activity.

  2. Select scenario ZTFS and choose Version from the dialog structure.

  3. Choose Change Adobe Form .

  4. Confirm the message in the following dialog box concerning adjusting the interface with Yes . If the form interface is not adjusted, the newly added fields in the form do not work.

    The Form Builder appears.

  5. To the right of the Form Builder , expand the fields on the Data Overview tab page.

  6. Create the following form fields:

    Form Fields and Related ISR Control Element

    Form Field


    ISR Control Element



    ISR Text Edit


    ISR Text Edit – Display Only

Proceed as described in the Creating Form Fields with Data Binding section of the Creating a Form and Editing the Layout sublesson.

  1. Save your entries.

  2. Activate the form and the interface:

    On the following tab page, select the SFPF <Form> form and the SFPI <Interface> interface, and choose Activate .

  3. Complete the processing in the Form Builder .


You have enhanced the form with the fields required for requesting the payment of a relocation benefit. After you have activated the changed form and the interface, the form can be processed further.