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 Completion Confirmations (CS-SE-CON/PM-WOC-JC)


You use the Completion Confirmations (PM-WOC-JC) component to document the status of the processing of a service or maintenance order.

As soon as an order has been released and the work is begun, the employees involved can enter completion confirmations in the system.


The Completion Confirmations (PM-WOC-JC) component is integrated with the following SAP components for different functions:


Integration with the Application Component

  • Confirmation of Material Used

Inventory Management (MM-IM)

  • Confirmation of external services and external material

Purchasing (MM-PUR)

Invoice Verification (MM-IV)

  • Confirmation of Services

Services (MM-SRV)

  • Entry of General Data on Attendance and Absence

  • Entry of Time and Additional Data in Time Management

  • Time collation

Time Management (PT)