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 Budget Management


The object in budget management is the budget, that is, the approved cost ceiling which is planned for an order. The budget is distinguished from the estimated costs for project cost planning by its liability.

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Even in order hierarchies, the budget is only valid for each individual order.

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The method of budget allocation, budget updating and budget availability check for orders corresponds to that for projects, with the distinction that projects involve objects structured hierarchically.

For more information about budget management, see PS - Project System .


Budget Allocation

Whereas the project costs must only be estimated as precisely as possible in the planning phase, the funds are presented in the form of a budget in the approval phase.

Budget Update

However, unforeseen events, further tasks required, increases in external processing costs and other factors can also necessitate corrections being made to a budget. This correction is known as a budget update.

Updating can take the following forms:

  • Supplement

  • Return

The following budget types exist:

  • Original budget

The original budget is the budget that was originally allocated, the one which has not been changed by correction measures.

  • Current budget

The current budget is derived from the original budget and the budget updates made.

The system makes the following calculation:


Original budget






Current budget

Budget Availability Check

With regard to budget availability checks for an order, you must choose between the following options:

  • You assign a budget directly to the order.

  • You assign a project, which can be used to control the budget, to the order.

For the purposes of funds management, you have the option of using a project as a budget object in parallel to the settlement of maintenance costs to a target account assignment (for example, a cost center). The link between Plant Maintenance and Project Management is established through the maintenance order: The planned value of the order is used in the budget control of the project management. However, the order is settled to the target account assignment.

This process is illustrated in the diagram below:


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