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 Quality Inspection for Handling Units


If you use the Quality Management (QM) component, you can perform quality inspections on handling units(HU) in Handling Unit Managementat delivery item level.Inspection lots can also be automatically created, when the corresponding delivery item is packed.These inspection lots are then created by the system with reference to the HU and always contain a current reference to the assigned HUs.

The quantities in inspection stock are managed directly using the HU and not using the inspection lot. This means that during goods movements the currently assigned HUs are determined using the inspection lot and can be transferred.

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Transfer postings are then triggered directly also using the HU. The system also checks whether a posting is allowed from inspection stock.For example, transfer postings within inspection stock are allowed.

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In order to inspect handling units in QM, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • In Customizing for Handling Unit Management ( Inventory Management ), the respective movement type is not deactivated for quality inspections. The indicator QM not active is not set.

  • In the material master record of the material for the HU, the corresponding inspection type is created and activated under Inspection Setup , and the indicator Inspection for HU and, if necessary, the indicator Post to inspection stock is set.


Inspection Lot Creation

An inspection lot for the HU is automatically created for the following goods movements/events:

Goods Movement/Event

Inspection Lot Origin

Packing in the inbound delivery (goods receipts for purchase orders)


Packing of finished product from production


Packing of other goods movements (for example, outbound deliveries)


Packing for stock transfers


Note Note

In general, a lot is not created at goods receipt/-issue in storage locations requiring HUs.During packing, a lot is only created if the indicator Inspection for HU is set in the Inspection setup of the material master (Quality Management view). As a result:

  • An inspection lot is never created if the indicator Inspection for HU is not set in the Inspection setup of the material master (Quality Management view) for storage locations requiring HUs.

  • In general, it is not possible to create the inspection lot at goods receipt/-issue in storage locations requiring HUs.

  • If the indicator Inspection for HU is set, the lot is created during packing, independent of the HU-requirement.

  • The inspection lot that is not stock-relevant includes all HU items that refer to the same material and batch. The inspection lot always refers to the entire delivery item quantity and if necessary also to several handling units.

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For inspection types with the inspection lot origin 01, you can use the indicator Control insLot to control how the inspection lots for partial deliveries are to be grouped. The system can create a new inspection lot for every partial delivery after the second partial delivery or it can assign the generated HUs to the 1 st inspection lot.As soon as the usage decision has been made and valuated with Accepted , the HU is posted to unrestricted-use stock.

Movement Control for Handling Unit

If an inspection lot is assigned to a HU, the inspection lot controls the allowed movements for the HU. The following criteria are important for deciding whether postings are allowed:

  • Status “Inspection lot in inspection/usage decision made”

  • Usage decision code

  • Quality score

    Note Note

    You define whether a particular movement is allowed in Customizing for Handling Unit Management .

    The indicator Post to insp. stock. in the material master controls whether there is a posting to inspection stock. This stock is managed using the handling unit.

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Sample Calculation

Here it is important whether the respective result is to be assigned to a HU or not. If you do not use sample management, there is a reference between the inspection lot and all HUs, however you can no longer trace which result belongs to which HU.

The following options are available for sample calculation:

  • On the basis of the total quantity of the same HU items (same material and same batch)

    The unit of measure is specified in the inspection plan in the corresponding characteristics.

  • On the basis of individual HU items

    For this you require the QM component Sample Management . In the sample-drawing procedure , the indicator Physical-sample drawing by number of containers must be set.The sample-drawing items are used for which the lot container corresponds to the lot container in the inspection lot.If there is no sample-drawing item with the lot container of the inspection lot, the system uses sample-drawing items without a lot container.The base unit of measure for the HU is used as the lot container.The indicator Confirmation requirement must also be set in the sample-drawing item.This means that for physical samples with inspection lots in HU management, the physical sample must also be assigned to the HU when the physical-sample drawing is confirmed.

Results Recording

During results recording for a single HU item , use the Sample Management component and record results for a physical sample. You can then use the physical sample to assign the results to the HU.

Usage Decision

Since the stock is managed using the HU, the system must dynamically determine which quantities of a material are in the HU and its location when you make the usage decision.

In addition, the system checks which postings are allowed when HUs or Warehouse Management (WM) are used.For example, you cannot trigger a return posting to the vendor, if the goods receipt has not yet been posted. Corresponding information is displayed in a list for each line of the HU.

You can then specify for each handling unit where the stock is posted.The system always posts the total quantity of a HU item.

Handling Unit Monitor and Goods Movements for Handling Units

Quality management is integrated in the Handling Unit Monitor and Goods Movements for Handling Units and Materials functions.In both functions, the system generates inspection lots when HUs are posted.

Using the Handling Unit Monitor you can, for example, post HUs to inspection stock by selecting all HUs for a material.

Note Note

In the Handling Unit Monitor one inspection lot is created per material/batch when you perform a transfer posting of several handling units.When you use the Goods Movements for Handling Units and Materials function, the system creates an inspection lot for every handling unit.

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