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The purpose of the Cache Server is to provide the following benefits:

  1. Seamless, transparent integration into existing content server landscapes
  2. Significant reduction in client response times
  3. As little administration work as possible

Cache servers are used to speed up access to document content. This is particularly useful if the content is required for display in a Web browser, for example. Cache servers can also reduce the network load and thereby enhance performance. It is therefore also a task of the cache to provide the client with documents from a physically close location, even if the content server is located on a different continent.


Caches are used in many areas. For example, MS Internet Explorer uses a local cache on the user's hard disk.

Cache servers are similar to content servers, but require less administration with the same level of access protection.


The Cache Server only uses HTTP. To make this possible, SAP Content Server HTTP Interface has been extended (see SAP Content Server HTTP 4.5 Interface). By using cache servers, you are simply extending your existing infrastructure in a transparent way. There is no need to re-structure the existing content server landscape.

Implementation Considerations

The cache server is installed from the SAP Server Components2 CD-ROM as part of the installation of the SAP Content Server. Installation instructions in PDF format are provided in both English and German on this CD-ROM, in the directory \CONTSERV\DOCU.



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