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 Creating a Selection Variant for Collective Settlement


In order not to have to re-enter selection criteria for orders or operations every time, they can be saved after entry as a variant. Different variants can be used, with each individual variant providing a specific type of information.

You can use selection variants to select orders, which are collected into order groups.

Caution Caution

If you want to use your own selection variants, make sure that you create them based on the standard SAP&PM selection variant.

End of the caution.


  1. From the Maintenance Processing screen, choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Order settlement Next navigation step Multiple Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Selection variant Next navigation step Create Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

  3. Enter a new name.

  4. Choose Copy , and enter SAP&PM as the variant to be copied. Choose Continue .

  5. Choose Change , and complete the selection criteria according to your requirements. Save the selection variant.

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