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  Enhanced Work Center Search


A work center is assigned to each technical object. That work center is responsible for the maintenance of the object. You can assign the work centers in an organizational structure pre-specified by the personnel system (HR) either directly to an organizational unit or link it to a HR work center (see Assigning HR Objects to Work Centers ).

When processing of maintenance notifications and maintenance orders, you can use the enhanced work center search to search for work centers using a structure tree in this organizational structure.

  • Search using the organizational structure

  • Search using the organizational structure from a particular work center


  • You have implemented the Organization Management component.

  • You have assigned work centers along the organizational structure.

  • You have linked the work centers in the work center with the personnel system under Link Personnel System.


For the notification or order processing, in the field for the responsible work center or for the executing work center, choose the input help and then the search help OrgStructure or OrgStructure from WorkCenter.

In the first case, the overall structure for all existing organizational units are displayed and you can search for the required work center. In the second case, you enter a value for the plant and the work center, and the system displays a list of all the work centers with these values.

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