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 RHPROFL0 Report


You can use this report to create authorization profiles for users within an organizational plan. This applies to standard authorization profiles and to authorization profiles for structural authorizations. In addition, this report assigns user roles and their profiles.


  • Using the PROFL0 start evaluation path, the system searches for all users found in the structure and saves them temporarily. On a key date, starting from these users, the system reads all linked objects that have valid relationships at this point and for which the Standard Authorization Profile infotype (1016) and/or the Authorization Profile for Structural PD Authorizations infotype (1017) is stored. The system reads all such objects up to the next highest organizational unit. This means that the higher-level organizational units are not taken into account.

  • The relevant object types are jobs (C), positions (S), organizational units (O), tasks (T), task groups (TG), workflow template (WS), workflow tasks (WF), standard tasks (TS), work centers (A) and responsibilities (RY). In addition, all user roles (AG) and their standard authorization profiles are included.

  • Then, the report checks whether the users found have already been created in the system. This is necessary because in the Communication infotype (0105), subtype System user name (0001) of a person, users can be entered that are not created in the system.

  • If a user does not exist in the system, it is automatically created. The authorization profiles for all users found in the organizational plan are then entered.

  • You can check the results for the standard authorization profiles and user roles using the SU01 transaction. You can display the structural authorizations using the OOSB transaction.

Note Note

For more information about this report, such as setting the report parameters, see the documentation for the RHPROFL0 in the SAP system.

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