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 EH&S Open Content Connector


EH&S Open Content Connector (EH&S OCC) is a Microsoft Windows program that enables you to view data offered by content providers, compare it with your existing data, and upload it to your specification database if required.

The EH&S OCC also helps you import specifications and phrases from a table-based file to your specification database.


The installation and Customizing of EH&S OCC is linked with that for EH&S Expert. For the transfer of content, EH&S OCC is called also by means of a user exit in secondary data determination.


To be able to use EH&S OCC, the program must be installed locally on your PC. You must have also made the relevant settings described in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Environment, Health & Safety Next navigation step Basic Data and Tools Next navigation step Tools Next navigation step EH&S Open Content Connector (EH&S OCC) End of the navigation path.