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  SAP E-Recruiting


SAP E-Recruiting has recruitment and succession planning instruments that will help your company find new employees, employ them in positions that suit their capabilities, promote their professional development, and retain them in the long term.

As well as enabling you to handle your company’s applicant tracking activities, SAP E-Recruiting ensures that you drive up-to-date human resources management, by proactively maintaining contact with applicants, potential candidates, and consequently, with your employees. By setting up a talent pool , you ensure that you not only identify the best possible candidate for a position from all potential candidates, but also that you are in a position to staff critical key positions in the long term and thus safeguard your company’s success in the future.

The application handles almost the entire process chain, from planning and budgeting, through attracting, hiring, and retaining employees. The diversity of functions, such as electronic screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and so on, optimizes the work of your succession planners and recruiters. Sophisticated technical mechanisms ensure that you can control costs and profitability throughout the entire process. Thus, the application links recruitment and succession planning with your internal HR infrastructure.

Moreover, you can integrate workflows to automate information flow and multiple processes, such as the approval process or e-mail dispatch. Currently this is only possible for recruitment processes. SAP E-Recruiting accelerates and drives your control of HR management processes. The application provides innovative access to Talent Relationship Management (not yet realized for Succession Planning ) and promotes companywide collaboration. Web-based user interfaces, which can be configured to suit specific roles, countries, branches, and so on, enable easy access for candidates, line managers, recruiters, and succession planners to the information and services they require to perform their tasks or roles.


For more information about the range of functions, see Recruitment and Succession Planning .