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 Establishment of Reference Object Data


For information purposes and evaluations of the PM-IS (Plant Maintenance Information System), it may be necessary to manage location and account assignment data for the reference object of the order, which was valid when the order was created in the object master record.

You can find this data on the Header data tab page in the Reference object group box, and on the Location tab page in the Location data and account assignment group box.


When an order is created, the location and account assignment data for the reference object is copied from the master data into the order and established there, so that it is stable for PM-IS evaluations.

You can change this data.


To find out the current status of the master data for the reference object, call up the function Update reference object data from the context menu.

To see the current status in the order at all times, you have the following option:

Set the indicator WF event in Customizing by choosing Start of the navigation path Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Technical Objects Next navigation step Equipment Next navigation step Equipment Categories Next navigation step Maintain Equipment Category End of the navigation path . Then activate the standard task TS 16600006 with the identification code PM LocChang . Execute the program RIUPDATE_ILOA several times daily in the background. This minimizes the time between the technical object being changed and the order being adjusted.