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 Editing the Sales Price View


You can edit the items in resource-related billing in the following views:

You can switch between the views at any time.

This sales price view shows the items from the expenditure view, sorted and combined per SD items. The prices for the items are calculated using SD pricing .

In the sales price view, you can edit individual or header items from resource-related billing, with the help of SD conditions . If you make changes in the header item, the system automatically copies them to the line items.

The screen for the sales price view is comprised of an overview tree and a table.

  • The overview tree shows the hierarchy of SD items per the selected characteristics from the DIP profile .

  • The table displays the hierarchy node selected in the overview tree, and the objects subordinate to it (the SD document items).


The tables below contain information on the processing options:

  • In the overview tree

  • In the table

  • Using the menu bar

Processing Options in the Overview Tree




Open and close hierarchy nodes

Click once.

Opening and closing hierarchy nodes gives you on overview of the dynamic items and their assignments within the project structure, or of the sales/service order.

Display objects in table

Double click the object description

The hierarchy node and its direct successors are displayed in the table.

Processing Options in the Table




Display detailed information

Select a line in the table and choose .

The system displays detailed information in a dialog box.

Enter conditions for pricing

Use the Condition typ e table column to choose conditions

You choose a condition type and enter the appropriate value. The system updates the price automatically.

See also:

Maintaining Conditions

Display condition records

Select a condition record and choose Condition Record .

The system displays the detailed information for the selected condition type.

Choose to return to the sales price view.

Update prices

Choose Update.

You can stipulate that the system updates all of pricing or only part of it by, for example, recalculating the rebate conditions.

See also:

Repeating Pricing

Display pricing log

Choose Analysis.

The system displays a detailed log of pricing.

Choose to return to the sales price view.

See also:

Analyzing Pricing and Conditions

Processing Options Using the Menu Bar




Switch to the expenditure view

Choose Expenditure.

The system displays the expenditure view

Save billing request in a document

Choose .

The system saves the billing request in a document. You can edit the document later.

Generate billing request

Choose Billing Request .

You generate a billing document in the Sales and Distribution (SD) component.

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