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 Deleting Profit Centers (Individual Processing)

You can delete a profit center in the application menu under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Profit Center Next navigation step Individual Processing Next navigation step Delete End of the navigation path .


Before deleting the profit center, the system performs a number of checks.

The profit center cannot be deleted if transaction data has already been posted to it and/or the profit center is assigned to the following objects:

  • Cost centers

  • Materials

  • Business processes

Assignments to other object types, however, do not prevent you from deleting the profit center.

Recommendation Recommendation

Only delete profit centers that you have never used or that you have not used productively for a number of business periods.

If you want to remove from the system a profit center that has already been used operatively, you have the following options:

End of the recommendation.
  • Use the Change Profit Center function and restrict the future validity period of the profit center, or

  • Lock the profit center against postings by going to the Indicator tab page and setting the Lock Indicator in the master data for the profit center.


  1. Choose to mark the profit center for deletion.

    The profit center receives the status Inactive: Delete . However, the active status is still retained and postings can continue to be made to it. To switch between the active and inactive versions of the profit center, choose .

  2. If you want to reverse the deletion setting, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Remove Inactive Version End of the navigation path .

  3. The system does not delete the profit center entirely until you activate the status Inactive: Delete by choosing . The system now performs the checks mentioned above. However, you can also perform these checks before activation by choosing .