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  Changing Profit Centers (Individual Processing)

There are two places where you can change a profit center:

In the application menu, under Master DataProfit C enterIndividual P rocessingChange

In Customizing for Profit Center Accounting, under Master Data ® Profit Center ® Define Profit Center.

It is also possible to change profit center master data using collective processing. For more information, see:

Creating/Changing Profit Centers (Collective Processing) (choose Goto )

Assigning Company Codes (Collective Processing) (choose Goto )

Defining Profit Center Statuses (Collective Processing)


Make the desired changes on the corresponding tab pages. For more information on the meaning of the various fields, see Creating Profit Centers (Individual Processing) . When changing profit center master data, you should note the following:

Validity Period and Analysis Periods

By choosing Validity Period , you can lengthen or shorten the validity period of a profit center.

The shortening the validity period of a profit center is a critical step. Although the system performs various checks, it cannot provide an absolute guarantee that no assignments exist to the profit center for the period to be removed. If you shorten a profit center from a given date in the future, choose Goto Assignment Monitor to check whether all assignments to the profit center have been removed as of this date.

If you want to set up analysis periods with differing master data within the validity period, enter the desired time interval under Analysis Period and choose Confirm . The changes you make on the various tab pages here only affect the chosen time period.

If a field within the validity period or an analysis period contains several values, the system displays a + in that field. You can drilldown to the values for the different intervals by choosing or by double-clicking the corresponding field.

The hierarchy area is always time- independent. It applies for the entire validity period and therefore cannot be changed for individual analysis periods.

If transaction data already exists, you cannot change the segment in the profit center master record or create a new analysis period with a different segment.

In cases where no transaction data yet exists or the transaction data in the test system has been deleted, see SAP Note 940721.

Processing Status

When you have made changes to a profit center and choose to save those changes, the changed profit center receives the status Inactive: Change: If an active version of the profit center exists, the system continues to post data to that version. To switch between the active and inactive versions of a profit center, choose .

The system does not post data to the changed version of the profit center until you have activated by choosing , thereby replacing the previous active version. When you activate the changed version, the system performs the necessary checks. To perform these checks before you activate the changed version, choose .

If an inactive version of a profit center exists and you want to remove it, you can do so by choosing EditRemove Inactive Version . Thereafter, the profit center exists in active status only.

The hierarchy area is not version-specific. If it is changed in the inactive version, the change is also made automatically in the active version.


By choosing the History tab page and then Change Documents , you can generate a list of the changed fields in the master record and a separate list of the changed company code assignments. You can then display details of changes made to an individual field, or all fields. You can call the same function directly from the application menu under Master Data Profit CenterIndividual ProcessingDisplay Changes .