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 Deleting PRTs from an Operation


You can delete production resources/tools (PRTs), which have been assigned to an order operation, in order processing.


To delete PRTs from an order operation, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Maintenance Processing screen, call up the required order using Start of the navigation path Orders Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path or List editing.

  2. Select the operation overview of the order.

  3. In the operation overview, select those operations to which PRTs are assigned which you want to delete.

  4. Choose PRT (production resource/tool).

  5. The system processes the operations you have selected one after another.

    The PRT List for Operation screen appears for the first operation selected.

  6. Select the PRTs you want to delete and choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Delete End of the navigation path. The system now performs one of the following activities:

    • If the order has not yet been released, the system deletes the selected PRTs from the list.

    • If the order has already been released, the deleted PRT remains in the list. However, it cannot be processed further.

  7. After you have processed all the required operations, return to the operation overview.

  8. Save the order.