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  Approving Inheritance Requests


This procedure describes how you approve an inheritance request manually. Only when an inheritance request has been approved is the inheritance relationship assigned the status Ready to inherit and the corresponding data can be passed on from the source specification to the target specification by the background job for the inheritance.

Note Note

Under certain conditions, inheritance requests are approved automatically when you create the inheritance relationship (see Inheritance ).

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  • You have executed the Editing Specifications procedure and are on the screen for editing the header data of the specification for which you want to approve an inheritance request.

  • The inheritance relationship for which you want to approve the inheritance request has the status Requested ( ).

For more prerequisites, for example, concerning the authorizations required, see Inheritance .


  1. Choose the Relationships tab page.

  2. In the corresponding table, select the row of the inheritance relationship that you want to approve.

  3. Choose with the quick info text Approve request .


The inheritance relationship is assigned the approval status Approved ( ) and the status Ready to inherit ( ). The next background job for the inheritance updates the data in the target specification and sets the status Consistent ( ) or, if there are errors, Incorrect ( ).