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 P_USTR (HR: US Tax Reporter)


Authorization object that is used during the authorization check for simulation and update runs of the US Tax Reporter (Transaction PU19).


To carry out simulation or update runs of the US Tax Reporter , you must enter the authorization to add or create ...(value 01 – see below) using the P_USTR authorization object.


The P_USTR authorization object contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text




Personnel Area


Personnel Subarea

More Information About the Fields

  • You specify the tax company that you want to perform the authorization check of the US Tax Reporter for using the fields PERSA and BTRTL .

  • Enter the activities that you want to assign authorizations for using the ACTVT field. The following values are possible:

01: : Add or Create

03: : Display

06: : Delete