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 Completion of an Order


You use the completion confirmation functions to record how the work is progressing. For this, the order must not yet have been completed fully.

You use the remaining functions for the completion of an order, after the order has been completed fully and a final completion entered.

When you complete an order, the following occurs:

  • The order is transferred with certain data to the history. This is combined from the notification, order and usage histories. It is very important for evaluating previous maintenance activities and planning future work.

  • The system sets the status "Technically completed". You can no longer change the order; it can only be displayed. It is saved in the history with the location and account assignment data, which is valid for the reference object at the time of completion.


You should only complete an order if it has been executed fully. This means the following:

  • All data for the reference object in the order is present and correct

  • All relevant data in the operations and sub-operations is present and correct

  • All the operations have been finally confirmed