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The SAP Content Server is based on the database instance MAXDB and is available on Windows operating systems as of Release 4.6.

Therefore, besides the SAP database, an external content server is always available in every SAP system installation. In this way, the necessary technical infrastructure is provided for all document-centric applications and business scenarios that do not require a long-term archiving solution. Since the SAP Content Server is also integrated via the HTTP interface (see SAP HTTP Content Server 4.5 Interface), the actual storage medium used remains completely transparent to SAP applications. This means that the storage medium can be changed at any time.


You can find information about the database system in Overview of the Documentation.

Applications that can use the technical infrastructure of the SAP Content Server include the SAP Business Workplace, SAP ArchiveLink, the Document Management System (DMS), and the Knowledge Warehouse.

Implementation Considerations

The installation procedure for the SAP Content Server is described in the SAP Content Server Installation Guide, which is also available in both English and German as a PDF document on the SAP Server Components2 CD.


The SAP Content Server is not intended to replace optical storage systems and other storage media for long-term archiving of documents.


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