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 Materials Planning


You can assign any number of material components to an operation. A component can be a spare part or repairable spare or describe an activity. The material that you schedule for an order is reserved for the order in the warehouse. As soon as the order is released, the materials can be withdrawn from the warehouse and delivered to the customer.

The material can be BOM components of the reference object, or material that has been created in the system in Materials Management.

External Procurement Processing


If you want purchase requisitions to be generated when the order is created, you must have set the Res/PReq. indicator in the Customizing for Functions and Settings for Order Types by choosing Define Change Docs, Collective Purc. Req. Indicator, Operation No. Interval . If you have not set this indicator, reservations and purchase requisitions are only generated when the order is released. Refer to Material Requirements Planning .

You must enter the correct item category for each material. The following item categories are available in the standard system:

  • Stock material

  • Non-stock material

  • Variable-size items

  • Material defined by its description


Note Note

You cannot plan material for sub-operations.

End of the note.

Reservations and Purchase Requisitions

The following applies for planned material:

  • For stock material , the system generates a reservation .

  • For non-stock material or where external services are involved, the system generates a purchase requisition for external procurement.

The term "reservation" can have the following meanings:

  • The object Reservation , which is always generated automatically whenever a material component is created, that is, planned for the order.

  • For non-stock material, a purchase requisition has been generated; for stock material, the object Reservation has become relevant for materials planning.

Note Note

In contrast to the Materials Management (MM) application component, it is not possible to create a reservation or a purchase requisition individually in the Plant Maintenance (PM) application component. Both are generated automatically by the system.

End of the note.

Entry and Calling Up of Other Data

You can also perform the following for each component:

  • Enter warehouse and batch information

  • Give settlement notes

  • Call up detail data screens (for example, for text items)

  • Call up purchasing data

  • Call up status information (for example, whether the material can be issued)

Search for Material

You can search for material that you require in the system according to the following criteria:

  • Plant (by goods receiver, in other words, by customer, to whom the components are delivered)

  • By vendor (based on the purchasing information in the system)

Customer Exits

The following customer exits are also available:

  • You can use customer exit IWO10011 to copy data records from a local file as components into the component overview for the order.

  • You can use customer exit CNEX0013 to determine the item category for a component automatically.

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