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 Creating and Editing Interactive Forms


To support your form-based business processes, you create and edit interactive forms using the Adobe LiveCycle Designer ( Form Builder ). The Adobe LiveCycle Designer is software from the company Adobe Systems Inc. that is integrated in the SAP environment. For more information about the Adobe LiveCycle Designer, see the Procedure tab page under Start of the navigation path More Next navigation step Help End of the navigation path .

The Adobe LiveCycle Designer covers two areas:

  • The left side contains a window with the tab page Data View .

    This area contains all form fields that you have defined in the form scenario or that you have transferred to the ISR scenario as characteristics using the comparison with the form scenario.

    Caution Caution

    The following fields and structures also appear:






    You should not use these fields or structures in HR Administrative Services since their behavior can change at any time.

    End of the caution.
  • The right side contains a window with the tab page Library .

    This area contains all screen elements that you can use to structure the form. Use drag and drop to drag the screen elements to the form. SAP provides an own library of screen elements under the name ISR Native Controls . This library is specially adjusted for use in ISR scenarios. Do not use the ISR Controls library as this contains obsolete interface elements. If the ISR Native Controls library is not available automatically, see SAP Note 947633.

    Note Note

    If possible, use only screen elements from this Library .

    The ISR screen elements contain special scripting that is adjusted to use in the ISR environment.

    To view (and edit if necessary) this scripting, in Adobe LiveCycle Designer, choose Start of the navigation path Pallets Next navigation step Script Editor End of the navigation path . In the dialog box that opens, in the dropdown list choose Start of the navigation path Display Next navigation step Events with Scripts End of the navigation path .

    End of the note.


The Adobe LiveCycle Designer provides you with the following functions for editing interactive forms:

  • Creation of form fields with data integration

    For detailed information, see Creating Form Fields with Data Binding .

  • Entry of agent (processor) notes

    A standard function is provided for entering agent notes in the form. To use this form, the automatically generated fields HRASR_PREVIOUS_NOTES and HRASR_CURRENT_NOTE must be used. The field HRASR_CURRENT_NOTE enables the current agent of the form to enter notes when he runs the process. The field HRASR_PREVIOUS_NOTES shows the current agent all notes entered in previous processing steps. For detailed information, see Using Form Fields to Enter Agent Notes .

  • Creation of dropdown list boxes

    In contrast to the SAP GUI, in an interactive form, it is currently not possible to provide input help (F4 help) for an input field. However, it is possible to use dropdown list boxes and thus define the set of valid entries uniquely. The prerequisite for this is that, for the field in the form scenario, you have either defined a manual value help or configured the value help such that it is provided by means of a backend service. For detailed information, see Creating Dropdown List Boxes .

  • Creation of pushbuttons

    In a form, you can create pushbuttons with which the user can trigger actions at runtime. The following actions are supported:

    • Initialization of the entire form

      The pushbutton for initializing the entire form resets the form to its initial status. The content of all fields is deleted and default values are redetermined (if defined). The field Effective Date (EFFECTIVE_DATE) is particularly important here. This field is not reset. The current date entered is used to calculate the (time-dependent) default values.

    • Triggering of a roundtrip to check the data entered and to calculate dependent fields

      For detailed information, see Creating Pushbuttons .


You access the Adobe LiveCycle Designer ( Form Builder ) through the Customizing for HR Administrative Services :

You can access the functions for creating or editing interactive forms under Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Cross-Form Settings Next navigation step Create ISR Scenario End of the navigation path :

  • Choose Version in the dialog structure.

    The Change Version view appears.

  • Choose Generate to create the form or Change Adobe Form to edit the form.