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 ISR Scenario


Used to call up an interactive form in a form-based process within HR Administrative Services. In the Internet Service Request (ISR) scenario you specify which form is used and the layout of the form.

The ISR has a 1:1 relationship with the Form Scenario .


In HR Administrative Services, ISR scenarios are used only to control the user interface in the form of interactive forms as part of a form-based process. In other applications, an ISR scenario is used to model an entire process. HR Administrative Services therefore uses only a part of the functionality available for ISR scenarios. The Customizing environment for ISR scenarios was modified accordingly.

You define an ISR scenario in Customizing by entering the following data:

ISR Scenario




Four-character alphanumeric ID for the ISR scenario


Business-related label for the ISR scenario


Application H (HCM Processes and Forms) indicates that the ISR scenario is used in HR Administrative Services.


Numeric ID of the instance of the ISR scenario. The version of the ISR scenario and that of the form scenario to be linked must be identical.

Input Type in Web

Input with Adobe PDF

The input type is a default value that you are not allowed to change. Other input types are not currently supported.


Name of the form for the ISR scenario. If you do not enter a form name, it is created automatically when the form is generated, and named Z_ISR_FORM_<ISR scenario> (where "ISR scenario" is replaced with the technical name of the scenario).


Used for calling the interactive form. The interface is generated automatically.


The fields of the form that are generated automatically during the comparison to the linked form scenario


Indicator that is automatically set for all newly created versions. You specify when configuring a process which version is actually used.