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Depiction of a HR process flow in Personnel Administration using elements from HR Administrative Services . The process primarily represents a grouping together of the ISR scenarios and form scenarios used and the link with a workflow template . At the same time, the process is linked with the workflow template in a 1:1 ratio.

Note Note

The process can be viewed in different ways and can mean the following:

  • From a business point of view , the process is the basis for the implementation of a process. Therefore, the business flow should exist in the form of a process description at the start of the implementation.

  • From an implementation point of view , the process is the technical representation of the business point of view using Customizing and using elements from HR Administrative Services .

  • From a user point of view , the process is the execution of an implemented process by the user for a specific employee and a specific validity date. Within the framework of the execution of the process, the system creates a process object . As a result, the system makes changes to the master data as defined in the process for the employee concerned.

SAP delivers a range of sample processes . SAP recommends you read the documentation for the samples for further information.

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You use the process to depict a business flow using components from HR Administrative Services . In doing so, you must be aware that a lot of the characteristics of the business flow are not set up directly for the process, but rather are set up in the involved components, in other words, in the ISR scenario, in the form scenario, using the workflow template, and in the Customizing of the start application and form application.

For the process itself, the following information is entered in Customizing:

  • Name of the process

  • Validity period of the process

  • Workflow template that is used when starting the process

Other Customizing settings for which the process is important:

  • Assignment of processes to process groups that can be used to control start applications and authorizations

  • Settings for collision check and parallel running of processes

  • Error handling


Structure of a process

The graphic shows the elements which are used to structure a process. It also shows which process-specific settings are necessary in Customizing.

Elements of the process:

  • ISR scenario and form scenario

    For more information about the functions of the ISR scenario and form scenario, see the relevant documentation for the ISR scenario and form scenario .

    When using several forms within a process, the data transfer from form to form can be determined using Customizing.

  • Workflow template

    The workflow template contains the specific workflow tasks and the agent determination rules for the workflow steps entered.

  • Start application

    In the process-specific Customizing of the start applications, you determine which users can start a process. You also determine the processes that are available to the relevant role ( Employee , Manager , or HR Administrator ) on the user interface of the start application.

  • Digital Personnel File (DPF)

    In the process-specific Customizing for the transfer to the DPF, it is determined if and when forms and attachments of the process are transferred to the DPF. When using several forms and/or attachment types, a partial transfer is also possible.

You make the Customizing settings for the various elements and functions in the IMG for HR Administrative Services under Start of the navigation path HCM Processes and Forms Next navigation step Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Process Modeling End of the navigation path .


The following table is a list with the elements of a process based on a concrete example.

The information for the following example corresponds to the delivered Transfer sample process.

Elements of theTransfersample process


Example (Name and ID)


Transfer (ORG_CHANGE)

ISR Scenario

Transfer (SOC1)

Form Scenario

Transfer (SOC1)

Workflow Template

ASR – Organizational Change (WS17900427)