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  Invoice Printing


Based on correspondence containers, the print workbench creates invoices or invoice raw data according to the application form defined for the invoicing process in Customizing.


You use the correspondence tool and the print workbench and have made the system settings described in Making System Settings for Invoice Printing.

Process Flow

Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable uses the correspondence type 0042.

The invoicing documents are printed – as for other print processes in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable – with the Print Workbench using Correspondence Printing (transaction FPCOPARA).

Correspondence printing is triggered by correspondence containers. These contain the information required for printing (such as application form, recipient, address numbers, print language) and control the printout.

When you create invoicing documents, Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable creates a correspondence container for event 2685:

  • for every posted document

  • For each reversal invoicing document, provided the reversed document has already been printed

    If the document has not been printed yet, the system deletes the correspondence container of the reversed document during the reversal.

Generally, there is one container for each invoicing document. If an additional recipient has been defined for the business partner, the system creates a further container. The system does not create correspondence containers for simulated invoicing documents, since these are not supported for mass printing.

For the creation of correspondence containers, SAP delivers the sample function module FKK_SAMPLE_2685. You can use this as a template for your own implementations, and there should be no differences.

In addition to the standardized data, the correspondence container contains the document number of the invoicing document in the second correspondence data field for the entity identification DOCN, and it contains the invoicing process in the first correspondence data field for the entity identification IPRC.

For each correspondence container, correspondence printing calls up one application form and creates one print document with this form. For a successful actual printout, correspondence printing sets the print date in the correspondence container and in the header of the invoicing document.

Invoice Printing

Displaying Invoices

With the invoicing document, you can also display the simulation of the invoice printing and the invoice preview. However, the print date and customer-defined fields are not updated. You can also simulate the invoice for simulated invoicing documents.