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 HR Administrative Services (PA-AS)


This component enables you to execute all HR activities, such as hiring or leaving of an employee, within the SAP Enterprise Portal. From selecting an activity to storing the associated document, the system supports you in performing these process flows.

The component uses the portal role of HR Administrator to support the central processing of personnel data. It also encourages decentralized execution of HR activities by including managers and employees (where necessary) directly in the process flow and thus reducing the workload for the HR department.

The following aspects can increase the effectiveness and optimize the costs of your process flows:

  • Exclusive use of the portal to execute the activities enables all persons involved to have easy access to the required data. As the portal is the only medium that permits the input of data, multiple entry of data is avoided, thus reducing the error percentage.

  • The automatic inclusion of all required persons and roles – from the request to the approval – simplifies the communication paths.

  • The option of monitoring and including process flows that are currently running down to the individual processing steps reduces the processing time.

HR Administrative Services depicts HR activities using processes. The focus is on those processes that pertain to an event in the personal life of an employee or in the work place and require the involvement of several people, such as hiring, transfer, or maternity leave.

You enter the data required for a process in interactive forms that are customized for each process step and for each agent. The system then forwards these forms automatically to the relevant agents, for example, for review or for approval. When a process has been completed, the system can store the corresponding documents in the personnel file of the relevant employee. In each process step, you enter only the data that is required for this particular step, enabling you to make contact with the relevant decision maker or store of information in each case.


The following components are used when using HR Administrative Services :

  • Personnel Administration (PA-PA)

  • ISR framework (internal service requests)

  • Interactive Forms based on Adobe Software (BC-SRV-FP)

  • SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)

  • SAP Records Management (BC-SRV-RM)

  • Case Management (BC-SRV-CM)

If required, you can combine HR Administrative Services with the following components:

  • Manager Self-Service (EP-PCT-MGR-HR)

  • Employee Self-Services (PA-ES)

  • Employee Interaction Center (PA-EIC)

  • E-Recruiting ( PA-ER)

For more information about the integration of the components, see HCM Processes and Forms (Technical Overview) .


The component is made up of the following subcomponents:

  • HCM Processes and Forms

    This subcomponent contains the HCM Processes and Forms framework with which you can set up and execute your processes and the corresponding forms.

  • HR Administrator

    This subcomponent contains the HR Administrator portal role that provides all tasks and functions for the HR department in the portal. The role of HR Administrator is integrated optimally in the HCM Processes and Forms framework: The system automatically forwards the processing steps of a process that are to be performed by an HR administrator to the portal role.

    You can also edit employee data in this role. This function is based on the maintenance of HR master data. The HR administrator can call the master data maintenance directly using the Employee Data Maintenance in the portal or through the backend system ( PA30 ). The HR administrator can also change master data without using the HCM Processes and Forms framework.

  • Digital Personnel File (DPF)

    This subcomponent contains the personnel file in which all data entered for an employee is grouped together. The DPF is optimized for use with the HCM Processes and Forms framework: The system can automatically store forms and attachments of a process in the DPF of the relevant employee immediately after the process has been completed.