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The Web Dynpro trace tool supports the analysis of problems and errors arising in Web Dynpro ABAP, by collecting and listing the data related to the Web Dynpro ABAP application.


For the additional function to display the trace file you need software that is able to read ZIP files.


The Web Dynpro trace tool can be activated for a specific user on an application server. All Web Dynpro applications started within 30 minutes can then be traced for this user. To attach additional information to the trace and to control the tracing, an additional frame is included in the dynpro frameset. The content of this frame is filled by the trace tool.

Example Example


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  1. Activate tracing in the SAP GUI.

    In transaction WD_TRACE_TOOL choose the pushbutton Activate for this User. This sets the status of the trace to active for the user in question.

    Choose OK to confirm the warning relating to the necessary security settings.

  2. Start the Web Dynpro application you want to trace.

    A new area, Web Dynpro Trace Tool, appears in the window of the Web Dynpro application. It contains a text field in which where you can enter comments about the screen displayed.

  3. Execute the application until you get to the problem spot.

    1. Describe the separate interaction steps to reproduce the problem, for instance, enter “choose Continue”.

    2. Describe what should have happened, for example, the table should have been filled.

    3. Describe what actually did happen, for example, the table remained empty.

    The text field is automatically sent off when you make your next interaction step. Alternatively, you can also send it with Insert, and specify whether a screenshot is to be appended.

    For further explanation of the problem we recommend that you insert a file with additional information. To do this choose Browse... to navigate to the file you want and attach it with Add File.

  4. Download the trace file and exit the tracing by choosing Save Trace as ZIP File... & Stop Trace.

    Attach the trace file to a customer message in the SAP Support Portal and send the message to SAP.

    Caution Caution

    All the UI-relevant data is saved in the trace, even data from fields whose status was switched to hidden. For this reason you should not send traces from applications that contain sensitive data.

    End of the caution.