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 Order Hierarchy


Multi-level structure of orders and sub-orders which is used to:

  • Structure extensive orders

  • Combine several orders


There are cases where it is not sufficient to divide an order into operations and sub-operations. These often involve very extensive orders, for which several people are responsible for different areas of planning.

In such cases, you have the option of creating sub-operations for an order, which functions as a superior order and to which a planner group can be assigned. In this way, you can build up an order hierarchy.

For more information, see Creating and Displaying a Sub-Operation .


Order hierarchies consist of the following elements:

  • The leading order

The planner for the leading order bears the responsibility for executing all the lower-level orders

  • One or more higher-level orders which are subordinated to the leading order

  • Sub-orders which are assigned to superior orders


The following rules apply for sub-orders:

  • You can create sub-orders for other sub-orders.

  • The leading orders provide proposals for the basic dates for the lower-level orders.

  • You can organize the dates of orders and sub-orders using relationships in such a way that they need to be processed in a particular order.

  • You can only technically complete a superior order when all the sub-orders for that order have been technically completed.


The production plant XPZ has broken down. The order "Repair plant XPZ" is created to plan its repair.

The following repair work must be performed at the plant:

  • Preparing and performing an industry-standard check

  • Welding

  • Working on the power supply

  • Exchanging electronic components

Since this work must be processed in detail by the responsible planners, the planner responsible for the superior order creates sub-orders for the individual jobs. The planner responsible for a particular job is specified in the relevant order. This enables you to plan the tasks in the orders assigned to you at the required level of detail.