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 Accounting Indicator in the Completion Confirmation


Note Note

This function is provided especially for the confirmation of service orders .

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You use the accounting indicator when confirming service orders if:

  • You want to further categorize the cost elements below the operation level

Example Example

Operation 0010: Repair of photocopier

Confirmation 1: 3 hours (Accounting indicator: goodwill)

Confirmation 2: 3 hours (Accounting indicator: fully billable)

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  • Differentiation at cost element level should not result in an increased number of service types in the system

  • You want to perform resource-related billing and use the accounting indicator for price determination reasons


The system copies the accounting indicator to cost accounting, where it is stored in the line items. The accounting indicator is converted into the origin in the line item.


You must have defined the accounting indicator in Customizing for Plant Maintenance.


An input field for the accounting indicator is provided in the following screens.

  • Detail screen for individual confirmation (input field)

  • In the list screen for collective confirmation (column with input field per line)

  • In the list screen of the material overview (column with input field per line)

  • Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) (column with input field per line)

Note Note

If you want to enter CATS confirmations with different accounting indicators for a service order, you must create a new line for each accounting indicator.

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You can specify the required accounting indicator for each completion confirmation and for each material component.