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 P_DE_BW (HR-DE: Statements SAPScript)


Authorization object that enables you to determine the authorization check within statements (with SAPScript) for Payroll Germany.


Only edit this authorization object if you have first set up statements with SAPScript. You can do this as of Release 4.6B.

If you use statements without SAPScript, you must use the P_CERTIF (HR: Statements) authorization object.


The P_DE_BW authorization object contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


Statement Identifier


InfoSet Identification for Statements


Activities for Statements in Authorization Check

More Information About the Fields

  • The BEWID field contains the statement identifier for statements in Payroll Germany that should be tested during an authorization check.

  • The BSUBJ field contains the functional area identification (ID) for statements. The functional area represents a logical breakdown of the statements according to individual subject areas. Note that you can define the access using the parameter ID (PID or user parameter) BSUBJ . By predefining the values for a function area, the correct authorization is used when you call up the application for the first time.

Example Example

The administrator only has authorization for functional areas 03 and 04. In this case, the BSUBJ user parameter must be set as one of the two values. The administrator is therefore only authorized to navigate within these two functional areas.

End of the example.

If an administrator has authorization for all functional areas, the user parameters can only be used to simplify coordination since the initial access branches directly to this functional area.

You can configure up to 30 functional areas.

  • The BACT field contains the activities for statements that are valid as part of the authorization check. The following values are possible:

E: : Creation of statements

A: : Asynchronous archiving

S: : Fast entry/Ad Hoc Query

V: : Administration of archived statements