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 Checking the First Version of the Workflow Template


At this stage of the tutorial, you have created the first version of the workflow template. You can now check the workflow template to detect errors and delete elements that are not required.


  1. Check the workflow. To do this, choose the Syntax Check function in the initial screen of the Workflow Builder .

    You can see the result of the check in the status line of the interface.

  2. Display the messages that have been generated. Do this by expanding the Result of Syntax Check window in the lower screen area.

    You see a number of messages stating that some of the workflow container elements are not used.

  3. If you have received a warning or error message, double-click on the message to process it.The system automatically takes you to the relevant part in the workflow definition.

    Note Note

    If you receive an information message, you must call the relevant part of the workflow manually.

    End of the note.