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 Refurbishment Order


A special order, which you use for the refurbishment of repairable spares, and for which the order type must be specially selected.


You use the refurbishment order to contract a work center to restore a certain number of faulty repairable spares to full working order at a certain date.

The order can refer to the following types of repairable spare:

  • One or more individual repairable spares (combination of material and serial number, for which an equipment master record can also be created, if necessary)

  • One or more non-individual repairable spares (material)

The repairable spares scheduled in the order are brought from a uniform initial condition to a uniform end condition. You can distinguish between these conditions using batches or different valuation types.

In the order, you document the individual phases of refurbishment:

  • Planning

  • Release

  • Execution

  • Completion confirmation

  • Entry of costs and settlement


The structure of the refurbishment order corresponds in essence to the structure of the maintenance order. However, the refurbishment order also provides you with:

  • An object list, in which you can identify all the repairable spares which should be refurbished by using their material serial numbers, and recognize whether equipment master records exist for them

  • Fields for origin, quantity and future storage location (if necessary, with batch and valuation type) of the objects to be refurbished

  • A display of the status of the refurbishment (number of objects already refurbished)

  • A display of the dates for refurbishment

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