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  Sample Processes in HCM Processes and Forms

The sample processes delivered with HCM Processes and Forms are intended to show you how you can configure your own business processes that you want to be handled using HCM Processes and Forms.

Each of these processes contains the following technical objects that are required to implement and execute the process:

  • Process

    • Workflow template

  • ISR Scenario

    • Interface

  • Form Scenario

    • Form

    • Scenario step(s)

  • Backend Services

    • Generic Services

The following sample processes are delivered with HCM Processes and Forms :

Caution Caution

You may not use the sample processes for productive implementation. Rather, you must copy them as customer-specific processes.

The activities listed below only serve to make the sample processes delivered executable.

End of the caution.


To be able to use the delivered sample processes for test purposes, you must have performed several IMG activities in Customizing for HR Administrative Services . For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for HR Administrative Services and choose Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Sample Processes for HCM Processes and Forms End of the navigation path .