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 4.3 Sending a Confirmation E-Mail


In this lesson you ensure that the system sends an e-mail to the employee after completing process ZTPR. In this way, you inform your employee that the process is completed and that the data was updated accordingly in the back-end system.


  1. Ensure that you have opened the Graphical Model area in the Workflow Builder . Do this by accessing the initial screen of the Workflow Builder .

  2. Access the insertable steps for your workflow template. Access the Step Types That Can Be Inserted area at the bottom left of the Workflow Builder .

  3. Select the Send Mail entry and hold down the left-hand mouse button to drag it into the Graphical Model area, onto the line after the Edit Relocation Form (Administrator) step.

    The mouse pointer uses a plus symbol (+) to show you where you can insert the step.

    The detail view for the step appears.

  4. Make the following settings on the Mail tab page.

    1. Keep the default setting for the Recipient Type .

      This determines the process initiator (the employee) as the e-mail recipient.

    2. Enter the following text under Subject :

      Change of Address and Relocation Benefit Confirmation

    3. Enter the following text in the text field:

      Dear Colleague,

      we hereby confirm that we have received your change of address request from V1. We have updated your address in our HR master data accordingly.

      We are also pleased to inform you that you will receive a relocation benefit.

      If you have any questions, please quote reference number V2.

      Best regards,

      Your HR department

    4. Determine variables for the date and reference number as follows:

      1. Delete placeholder V1 from the text and choose Insert Expression .

        The Select Expression dialog box appears.

      2. Open the PROCESS_OBJECT node.

      3. Select the INIT_DATE entry, and choose Continue .

      4. Proceed in the same way for reference number (V2) and this time select the REFERENCE_NUMBER entry.

        The system inserts the following variables into the text:



  5. Enter the following step description on the Control tab page:

    E-Mail Confirmation to Employee

  6. Choose Transfer and Go to Graphic .

  7. Determine the following name for the task:

    • Abbreviation : ZTWS_MAIL

    • Description : Confirmation Mail for Relocation Process

  8. Save the task as a local object.

  9. Save and activate your workflow template.


Your workflow template now looks like the following graphic:

Note Note

The first process step in which the employee starts the process is outside of the workflow and is therefore not represented in this graphic. The Edit Relocation Form (Superior) step that the graphic shows as the first step is the second step of the process.

End of the note.