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 Business Workflow for HCM Processes and Forms


SAP Business Workflow is the central tool for controlling processes for HCM Processes and Forms . You use it to specify which process steps should follow in HR processes such as an employee's hiring, leaving, or organizational reassignment. In addition, you define which users are to execute each process step, which forms they can edit in the individual steps, and which interface functions they can execute in the corresponding form application .


  • The SAP Business Workflow has been designed for HCM Processes and Forms in such a way as to minimize the effort involved in setting up your processes in the system. For more information, see Special Features of the Workflow for HCM Processes and Forms .

  • A workflow template is provided for each sample process for HCM Processes and Forms .

    The workflow templates for depicting HR processes such as hiring or leaving are simply examples of how you can map the processes in your enterprise. You should copy them and adapt them for your customer-specific workflow templates so that you have all the functions related to the application. You can make a few simple changes to depict additional processes.

    Caution Caution

    You should never use the templates that are delivered in the standard system in a production system; if you do so, SAP cannot assume responsibility for the function and data. We strongly recommend that you use these workflow templates only as templates, and that you adjust your copies to suit your requirements.

    You can use the workflow templates depicting technical processes, however, in the production system.

    End of the caution.
  • Multiple standard workflow objects are provided for setting up your workflow templates; these objects fulfill the most popular requirements for processing HR processes:

    • Workflow templates with which you can execute purely technical process steps

    • Standard tasks that depict editing, approving, and saving the data entered

    • Standard tasks that control system actions such as automatically saving data, sending e-mails, or sending system messages for the Exchange Infrastructure

    • Rules for agent determination with which the suitable processors for a process step are determined dynamically

    Caution Caution

    If you want to change a workflow template, and have already executed a process that is based on this workflow template, you must create a new version of the workflow template in the Workflow Builder by choosing Start of the navigation path Workflow Next navigation step Generate Version End of the navigation path before you change the template.Processes that have already been executed thus remained based on the original version of the workflow template.Processes that you execute after changing the workflow template use the new version of the workflow template.

    End of the caution.

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