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 Using Function Exit FTXW0002


Function exit FTXW0002 allows you to add a new segment into DART.

You must program this function exit to read and extract the data for the segment you are adding to DART, as illustrated below.


An ABAP Data Dictionary structure corresponding to the data segment you wish to add to DART must exist. The Data Dictionary structure must contain all the fields you wish to include in the data segment in DART.

In addition, you must define the segment in DART . You can do so in parallel to creating the function exit.


You create and activate the function exit using SAP Customer Enhancements (transaction CMOD).

Your function exit should:

  1. Read the necessary data fields from the table in the database.

  2. Move them to the Data Dictionary structure one record at a time.

  3. Export the data to the data extract.

If any of the fields in the source table is not a character field, you must also convert its data to character format.


When the user extracts data with DART, if the FTXW0002 function exit is active, and if the user specifies that customer-defined data is to be extracted, then the system uses your function exit to read the data as defined by the segment, and exports it to the data extract file(s).

You must enable extraction of customer-defined data to allow the user to include customer-defined segments in a data extract.

See Also

For more information on the FTXW0002 function exit, see the online Help in transaction CMOD.