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 3.1 Including the Approve Form Workflow Step in the Workflow Template


  1. Ensure that you have opened the Graphical Model area in the Workflow Builder . Do this by accessing the initial screen of the Workflow Builder .

  2. Open the standard tasks for HCM Processes and Forms .

    1. Do this by selecting My Workflows and Tasks in the lower left area.

    2. Open the Components for HCM Processes and Forms node.

    3. Open the Task Groups node.

    4. Open the TG17900002 (Interactive Components in HR ASR Dir.) node.

  3. Select the TS17900101 (Approve Form) entry, and hold down the left-hand mouse button to drag it into the Graphical Model area, onto the line between the two existing processing steps.

    The mouse pointer uses a plus symbol (+) to show you where you can insert the step.

  4. Save your workflow template.